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Demi Salls  '21

Hey there!

My name is Demetra Salls and, after joining Mu Epsilon Theta back in fall of my Freshman year (2017, how has it been that long?!), I wanted to spend some time before my Senior year starts and reflect on how Mu Ep has helped me to grow.

Coming from St Paul, Minnesota, ASU was already a huge change for me.  I left all of my friends and most of my family back home in the Midwest to go to a place where I wasn’t sure my Catholic ideals and principles would garner me a lot of friends.  I didn’t know what God was calling me for, but I packed up my life and went to ASU.  My mother was the one who shared Mu Epsilon Theta with me and, at first, I just thought it would be like a Bible Study.  I attended Bid Day and met with an unprecedented outpouring of love and genuine enthusiasm for being with other college-aged Catholic women.

Walking out of Bid Day, I learned that Mu Epsilon Theta was so much more than what I ever expected it to be.  That semester alone, I met some of my best friends, went to retreats at different churches throughout the Valley, studied with intelligent women, and initiated into a family that crosses generations and states.  Since then, I’ve been given the opportunity to hold numerous positions, including VP of Social, VP of Spirituality, Executive Vice President, and this past Spring 2020, the honor of Pledge Educator.  I’ve had friends who have graduated and gone on to amazing careers in every area from teachers to lawyers, engineers to businesswomen and everything in between.

To any woman who wants a community of friends who will lift you up on the daily, come to you in a time of need, be there in the moments of joy and sorrow, and who will stand by you through all the rigors of life, then I highly recommend coming to meet some of the Mu Epsilon Theta girls.  From Freshmen all the way to Seniors, I hope that you choose to join our family of amazing sisters.


Looking forward to meeting you, my sister.



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